Friday, February 12, 2016

How To Connect A PS4 Controller To PC

Come other small details to Titanfall 2, the new video game he's working on the Respawn team. We currently have very few details, whereas the release should be later this year or early next year, as anticipated by the lead writer Jesse Stern, who gave the statements to Forbes.

The writer has confirmed that work began in 2014, after the end of those on downloadable content for Titanfall, and stated that "one of the limitations of the first game was that there was a mechanism for him to say to all 'behold, thou are this, you are here, and all around you there is all this'. we knew all these answers, but we could not get them. "

In addition, Stern also anticipated that the game will have a single player campaign, and that the game world in which we move will intersect science and magic, and "will still dirty, human, realistic, well-founded."
Arrive details even on the platforms, among which should be also involved PS4: "multiplayer part will be even better than the first. The first game was initially exclusive Xbox, I think this will be widely available now, I think of all platforms. "

You can find the full article at the source, linked at the bottom. Remain course with us for any further detail in coming up Titanfall 2, which EA promises to be "spectacular."

The PS4 is winning the battle against the Microsoft Xbox One, which is also very good and handsome console but the verdict of the sharply inclined players for the Japanese console. In this article we want to offer the best promotions of the PS4 console 500GB, 1TB (Ultimate Player Edition) and bundled with the most popular games of the moment. The research was not easy but in the end we can tell you the 3 best price for the various versions for sale.

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If you wish the console 1TB here is the lowest promotions: PS4 Ultimate Player Edition 1TB on the excellent site only it costs 349 Euros with free shipping. We continue with the offer of online store which launches the console powered only 369,90 EUR (+ € 10.90 for delivery costs). Unieuro amazes still positive with a really good promotion: € 399 for the 1TB PS4 directly into the store. If you want to receive it at home you have to add € 9.99 to € delivery costs.

PS4 deals in early February bundle

We also looked for opportunities or bundled with the game (or games included). On the store the PS4 500GB C Chassis + Assassin's Creed Unity at the price of 315 euro (+ € 6.99 express delivery), great deal. Paypal payment, delivery and more. From Unieuro Sony PS4 500GB + 1 game chosen from Batman Arkham Knight, Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection, The order 1886 Destiny: the king of the corrupt (all exited the market in 2015) is on sale at the special price of 329 , 99 euro but the offers will end on February 10th. of the console is bundled with GTA V at the price of 339 € with free shipping. You which version do you prefer?